What's going on?

Well, since I closed my social network for a personal reason, I want to spend more times doing anykind of art. Painting, skecthing, taking photos, and doing advance digital art. Eventho' I still have to explore more of Las vegas, find inspirations and creating beautiful things and meet the local artist. gezz, My list is getting longer now, and none of them I can do right now or I am just too lazy. But I MUST and HAVE to do it!
The "first friday" market sounds really good for a start, I will find somebody I can go with and enjoy the local arts. So let's see. I will have lots of good things to share after that.

For now enjoy my digital arts!


  1. I also left the social network and go back to real life. :) Not for any reasons, just had enough of it and was ready to move on. You know, it feels much better now because I have time to do something else!

  2. Hello Mrs. Carr....I miss you girl, and thanks for stopping by!


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